The company is specialized in information and communication technology, technology, robotics, scientific and electronic research, and is specialized in public transport, general trade and air freight.

It is the company’s policy to develop the capabilities and efficiency of staff through training courses, certificates and rewarding rewards.

The company is also the largest brother of all employees are like the family .. And the interest of the individual in the interest of all.

Because we aim to develop all the facilities of the Iraqi state and raise the country, the contracts of information technology exclusively in the Iraqi state and its institutions. Therefore, we consider that we are carrying out the national duty through the development and support of technical capabilities in the areas of information technology and to find technical solutions and overcome the difficulties facing state institutions. We are committed to the best performance and believe that the future is within reach.

Company Sections

R & D Section

Which is the backbone of the company and the source of its energy base. This section develops and develops the equipment and software that are part of the company's fundamentals.

Section robots and cameras and sensors of all kinds

This section is directly responsible for the design and manufacture of information technology products.

Contracts, Public Relations and Promotion Section

Is a specialized department in the management of public relations and promotion of the activities, products and business of the company .. His responsibilities are contract management and completion of transactions and management of transport and commercial transactions

Security and Quality Section

The company's staff are highly skilled and highly experienced in the field of information technology and other fields which are among the activities of the company The company has the latest machin equipment to provide high production capacity and efficient quality assurance work

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